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Three Ways to Be Safe in the Sun

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. While we hope you have been caring for your skin year-round, this time provides an opportunity for a gentle reminder. The sun does not take a break-even during the colder months. We must do our best to protect our skin, including the skin covering our feet and ankles. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer; it is also among the most preventable.

Dr. Brandon A. Macy at Clark Podiatry Center knows that there is so much fun in the sun. He wants you and your family to be safe, though.

Below are three ways to take the right steps:

1. Always wear sunscreen

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the risk for developing melanoma doubles if you have five or more sunburns. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. To reduce your risk, wear sunscreen and apply it correctly (don’t forget your feet and ankles). Always read the directions and reapply when necessary. If you will be in the water or sweating, look for the right option for your day.

2. Seek the shade

We all love a healthy dose of vitamin D, but there is nothing wrong with finding the shade. It not only is good for your skin but also for your body. Avoid overheating by taking breaks in the shade. Stay hydrated with a cool drink under the tree. The shade also minimizes your time in direct sunlight. Be gentle to your skin.

3. Call us about changes

Have you noticed a new mole or skin lesion? Did it change in color, size, shape, or texture? These details matter. Check your skin monthly and check your feet daily. If you notice something new, take notes. Taking pictures can be helpful, too. Skin cancer signs are often visible. Trust your gut with the changes you see.

Keep these skin cancer prevention tips in mind throughout the year

If you experience a sunburn, care for it immediately. We recommend visiting a doctor, too. As you look at your feet and ankles, we are here to help you investigate any concerns. We will connect you with the right specialists to support the next steps. Do your part this month and pass along this information to a friend or family member.

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