HeelpainHeel pain may occur on the bottom of the heel, or on its front or back, and may have many causes. In general, heel pain results from walking gait abnormalities that put too much pressure on the heel bone and the surrounding area. This stress may also come from an injury, from damage during activity, being overweight or wearing poorly-constructed shoes.

Here are some conditions that can cause heel pain:


If pain and inflammation persist despite resting and icing, contact a doctor of podiatric medicine. We will examine the area and take X-rays to rule out any bone problems.

Oral or injectable anti-inflammatory medication will help reduce swelling. Taping or strapping will support the foot and help muscles and tendons rest.

Custom-fitted orthotics or shoe inserts will help relieve painful pressure. The orthotic will control pronation, correct any biomechanical imbalance and support the ligaments and tendons to relieve heel pain without the need for surgery.

Physical therapy, in conjunction with the above treatments, is very effective for heel pain.

In very few cases, surgery will be required to release the plantar fascia or remove a bone spur or bursa.