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We’re happy to announce that the New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute is now a part of Clark Podiatry Center.  Catering to the needs of children of all ages, our goal is to promote and maintain good foot health for your child.  Treating ingrown nails and warts, treating and preventing sports injuries, and working to prevent the lower extremity problems in adults which have their origins in childhood.

Where did your feet come from?  Where will your child’s feet take them?  As with so many other traits, children’s feet are inherited from their parents and grandparents.  What lower extremity issues are present in siblings, parents, grandparents?  There’s a good chance that they run in the family.  Your foot type is inherited!  

It is never too soon to have your child’s feet examined.  Prevent problems before they occur.  We firmly believe that prevention is better than correction!

It is never normal to have foot pain.  “Growing pains” are not normal.  

Children typically have a fat pad under the arch which makes them look flat–until about age 4.  After that, if there is a flat foot deformity, it is unlikely that they’ll grow out of it. Greater than 60% of adults suffer from symptoms related to flat feet.

Wearing orthotics does not weaken ankles.

Does your child trip a lot when walking or running?  Do they frequently ant to be carried?  Is your child a toe walker?  There’s a reason for that, often that they have a pediatric flat foot deformity.  These feet are unstable, resulting in easy fatigue or raising up on the toes to put the feet in a position with better leverage to move quickly.

 Follow this link for more information regarding childrens foot problems.

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