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Men’s Foot Care: Start This Month

June is Men’s Health Month, and we want to talk about foot care. A healthy foot care routine has positive benefits for boys and men, too. Dr. Brandon A. Macy at Clark Podiatry Center knows you can prevent many foot problems, starting with a few helpful practices at home. He wants to share three ways men and boys can practically care for their feet this month.

Wear a good pair of shoes

We’re not just talking about any pair of sneakers lying around the house. The shoe choice for men and boys is important, too. When looking for sneakers for sport or casual wear, you should always search for support. Even wearing flip-flops won’t provide you with what you need.

  • Measure your feet properly
  • Understand your foot structure (wide or narrow)
  • Try on shoes before making a purchase

Pro-tip: Shop in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest

Start with a clean foundation

Keeping your feet clean helps to reduce the risk of fungal or bacterial infections. Your socks and shoes will also be dirty if your feet are dirty. Take time each day to wash and dry your feet regularly. Don’t forget to moisturize your feet.

  • Only wear clean, dry socks
  • Use clean, dry towels
  • Never share hygiene tools

Pro-tip: Allow your shoes to dry out each evening

Invest in custom orthotics

Custom orthotics can help to correct foot problems and provide relief. Wearing a custom-made device to meet your foot needs will be one of the best investments for your mobility. It’s worth your time to make the appointment to learn more about your options.

  • Skip the over-the-counter inserts
  • Visit a podiatrist; this doctor specializes in foot anatomy
  • Care for your orthotics to maintain longevity

Pro-tip: Explore our website to learn how orthotics can help you

This Men’s Health Month, all eyes are on how boys and men can improve their foot health. It starts by paying more attention to shoe choice, foot hygiene, and podiatric options like orthotics. Today is a great day to commit to a new way of caring for your foot health, which plays a significant role in your overall health.

At Clark Podiatry Center, Dr. Brandon A. Macy, a board-certified podiatrist, treats various conditions such as heel pain, diabetic wounds, bunions, nerve pain, and more. The New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute is also part of Clark Podiatry Center. We provide exceptional service for patients in Union County. Contact our office at (732) 382-3470 or schedule an appointment online. Our office is at 1114 Raritan Road, Clark, NJ 07066.