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Golfing and Your Feet


Are you a fan of golf? If so, do you enjoy playing the game or watching it on television? Either way, we have something for you with today’s blog. Dr. Brandon A. Macy at Clark Podiatry Center is celebrating National Golf Month, and he is sharing some helpful tips for patients who love the game or know someone who plays, too. Golf is a game of patience and endurance. If you have foot pain, there won’t be much to enjoy.

Here are three mistakes’ golfers can make:

Wearing the wrong shoe size

The right shoe size is the best way to go for any style of shoe, especially for sports. When shopping for golf shoes, ask the sales associate for help. Now is the time to see if they bring out the Brannock Device, which is a trusted and handy device for getting an accurate shoe size. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can create too much friction and cause calluses, blisters, corns, and more. They can also create ingrown toenails. While golfing, make sure you can wiggle your toes.

Ignoring foot pain

We can all be guilty of trying to push through foot pain. While on the green, you may think you can make it to the next few holes. Instead, you are in pain. You could also be worsening an undiagnosed condition. Common foot injuries for golfers include plantar fasciitis or heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains. Each of these injuries requires you to stop and reach out to a podiatrist. Caring for your feet is a must-have for making it through the course.

Skipping out on support

Have you considered custom orthotics for your golf shoes? Could your ankles benefit from an ankle brace or another form of support? Golfing is a full-body workout, so take care of yourself from head to toe. The care can require taking a closer look at what your body needs to perform well and feel well. If you have bunions, purchase bunion pads or cushions. We recommend the same for blisters or corns. A comfortable golfer can make it through the course.

Before you pack your golf clubs and head to the course, make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes. Take your best swing without foot pain.

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