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Mommy, Daddy, Please Buy Me New Toddler Shoes!

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Toddlers’ feet grow so quickly! Have you noticed that toddlers seem to need bigger shoes only a few days after they’ve stepped into the ones you just got them? It’s tempting to get shoes that are 2 sizes bigger so that you don’t have to keep buying new ones!

However, we advise you not to give into that temptation. Instead, first figure out the signs that your toddler needs new shoes. Then, find out how to find the best shoes for your growing toddler. Not all toddlers can express their foot pain, so it’s important to look for signs and symptoms.

Do they need new shoes? Or are they just trying to change up their fashion?

  • Is it hard for you to get their shoes on? Be sure to put socks on their feet before putting shoes on to prevent skin irritation and to make it smoother to put shoes on. However, if it seems difficult to get shoes on, it could be a sign that their feet are getting too big for their shoes.
  • Do they have marks on the feet? When you take shoes off, do they have red marks on the skin that might indicate irritation from the shoes being too tight? If the toes look tightly curled up or are red from being too tight in the front of the shoes, that’s another sign.
  • Compare the bottom of the shoes with the bottom of their feet. The outline of the shoes should be larger than the outline of your toddlers’ feet. If they seem to look the same, the shoes are too small.
  • Do they have signs of bunionsCheck to see if their feet look like the big toe is growing towards the smaller toes, instead of straight on. If it looks like the big toe joint is sticking out, they may be developing bunions. Give more room to the toes by buying a larger size.

How to best purchase toddler shoes:

  • Measure children’s feet every time you shop. Buying shoes later in the day is best because that’s when they are largest. Also, the left and right feet can differ in size. Buy shoes that fit the larger foot.
  • Try shoes on rather than buying by size. Different shoe companies may label their sizes differently. Not all shoe sizes will match based on age since toddlers grow at different rates.
  • Shoes should have a little bit of extra room. You can either leave a half an inch between the front of the shoes and the big toe or fit your index finger in the back of the shoe when your toddler is wearing it.

Does it seem like your child is complaining of foot pain? Are his or her feet looking deformed? Come see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy for an assessment. Make an appointment today at the New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute at Clark Podiatry Center. Your children will get top quality foot care at our Clark, NJ office, which serves the surrounding Union County areas. We keep you walking!