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Accidental Falls and Prevention

Man Walking Up The Stairs With"mind Your Step" Safety Caution Si

Have you forgotten about your risks for accidental falls? September is Falls Prevention Month, and each year, older Americans are at an increased risk for this event. Do you know that 25% of older Americans will fall annually, according to the US CDC?

Dr. Brandon A. Macy at Clark Podiatry Center offers three quick ways to help your loved ones at home, especially our senior citizens:

Watch and listen
Have you noticed your loved one is having a difficult time moving around the house? Maybe they are in pain, or perhaps they are having a challenging time moving around furniture. Ask them how they feel and make simple adjustments. From adding nightlights to removing slippery rugs, there are ways to help.

Don’t miss appointments

From podiatry appointments to visits to the optometrist, staying on top of medical visits is important. Worsening vision and foot pain are among the causes of falls. Encourage your loved ones to schedule their appointments regularly. What’s even more helpful? Driving them to their appointment and joining them during the visit. Your presence can empower them to take charge of their health.

Provide healthy food and exercise options

Who says older Americans should stop exercising? Now is the time to encourage movement. From water aerobics to strolls around the neighborhood, exercising is one way to strengthen muscles. Adding calcium-rich meals and snacks is also another way to boost bone health. Help reduce the risk of a fall and an injury that could come along. We want to see healthy, strong bones and muscles. You can help.

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