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Top 25 Foot Facts

Let’s learn about our feet. We all take our feet for granted and truly do not comprehend their importance. Our feet get us from point A to point B, they walk, they stomp, they run, they skip, they climb and they jog. They do so much for us each day of our lives but we know so little about our feet and how they do these daily tasks without us ever stopping to think. We only pay attention to our feet when we are in pain, or get some unsightly foot problem such as a callus, a corn or a wart. Even then, we don’t often wonder how we got it but just get annoyed and upset and curse the shoes we were wearing or how troublesome the whole issue is. So, let’s take a look at some common foot facts.

  1. 75% of the population deals with at least one foot problem.
  2. ¼ of all your bones are located in your feet.
  3. The thickest part of your skin is on the soles of your feet.
  4. Your finger nails grow faster than your toe nails.
  5. Standing takes more effort than walking.
  6. Some people never grow an arch in their foot.
  7. You have 250,000 sweat glands in your feet.
  8. Ankle sprains are most common in men.
  9. The best exercise for weight loss is walking.
  10. Older people tend to have more foot problems due to loss of bone density.
  11. If you have foot problems chances are you may also have other health problems.
  12. It is rare for people to be born with foot problems.
  13. There are 26 bones in your foot.
  14. Elephants use their feet for hearing.
  15. Dogs who excessively itch or lick their feet may have infections or parasites.
  16. Women are 4 times more likely than men to develop foot problems.
  17. Many children are born with flat feet.
  18. It is very common for children to toe walk.
  19. No two feet are exactly the same in size.
  20. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America.
  21. Most foot ailments can be prevented by investing in good shoes and proper foot care.
  22. Flip flops are bad for your feet.
  23. It is not advisable to walk barefoot. This increases chances of infections and viruses.
  24. Home remedies do not work for painful feet.
  25. Shaving your calluses at home will lead to more problems.

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