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Summer and Diabetic Foot Care

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Don’t let diabetes get you down this summer! Dr. Brandon A. Macy is here to help you enjoy the family vacation, summer sports, and beach trips without complications to your foot and ankle health. Here are some tips to take along this summer. Share these helpful recommendations with your family and friends, too. Infection and dangerous blood sugar levels are concerning for patients with diabetes, so stay steps ahead to prevent unplanned stops to the doctor.

Store your medicine properly

If you have insulin, store your medicine according to the instructions. Patients who use insulin depend on this medication to keep their blood sugar at a healthy level. The goal is to keep insulin cool but not too cold. Check with your doctor about the best way to store insulin, especially when outdoors or traveling.

Wear comfortable, breathable socks

Now is the time when toes and feet can become even more sweaty, creating the ideal environment for foot fungus to grow. Dark, moist spaces are very welcoming. To prevent foot fungus, allow your feet (and shoes) to dry and wear breathable socks. Also, choose socks that have additional cushioning and support in problem areas.

Check-in before travel

Before you travel, check-in with your doctor. Refill any prescriptions, share updates about blood sugar levels, and express any concerns. Your doctor may have diet and exercise recommendations while you’re away. They may also recommend items to take along on the trip, including diabetic socks, orthotics, and more.

Check your blood sugar

This tip is simple: check your blood sugar — and check it often. To prepare for food changes, pack healthy snacks from home. Listen to your body, and alert your doctor to any changes.

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