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Managing Raynaud’s

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October is Raynaud’s Awareness Month. What do you know about this condition that affects 5-10 percent of Americans? The disorder is a response to cold or stress, and the results are an interruption to the blood vessels to different parts of the body, including your feet and toes. Dr. Brandon A. Macy at Clark Podiatry Center knows that the experience, also known as an attack, can be painful. Here are ways to lessen the impact, which could last for minutes or hours.

Stop Smoking   

There’s no surprise here. Smoking doesn’t offer any positive health benefits, and the damage that it does to narrow blood vessels only worsens with Raynaud’s. Put down the cigarettes to take charge of your attacks and reduce the discomfort.

Keep Warm

From dressing in layers to using foot warmers, find safe and creative ways to keep out of the cold. If you’re not able to move to a warmer climate, try to stay inside on cold days or make sure to dress the part. Keep in mind, air conditioning in warmer climates can create problems, too.

Find Support

If you have Raynaud’s, you are not alone, and other people are working to manage their attacks, too. Connect with trusted organizations and resources to provide safe and effective ways to decrease the severity of your attacks.

Stress Less

Stress is another cause of an attack. Finding ways to cope with the stressors of life can help to limit how often these events occur. For people with Raynaud’s, their stress response is much more sensitive. Connect with your doctor for stress-relieving tips. We’re here to help.

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