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What to Look for When Buying Your Children’s Shoes

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After babies become toddlers, wearing shoes is a new item of worry for parents. You’ve got to find ones that fit, factor in the time it takes to get the shoes on, and keep track of them after they’re taken off. Then, of course you have to remember that kids grow out of clothing and shoes so quickly, so even after just a few wears, they’ve got to change into new shoes.

Sounds a bit overwhelming, but as long as you pay attention to the following tips for buying shoes, your children’s feet will be in great shape!

Shoe Size

  • Measure your child’s foot (or have a store associate measure them for you) each time you buy new shoes. It’s hard to know exactly how much your children’s feet have grown, so you may end up buying the next size up, when they really needed two sizes up.
  • A finger’s worth of room beyond the toes should be enough for about 3 to 6 months before you need another pair.

Comfort and Cushion

  • If you can, have your children try on the shoes at the store. If they complain of pain anywhere, it’s probably uncomfortable. That could lead to blisters or calluses, so those are not the right shoes for them.
  • While it’s less important for first time toddlers, children who walk, run, and jump well on their own should have some cushioning on the bottom of the shoe to prevent overuse injuries such as Sever’s disease.
  • Avoid taking hand-me-downs as these could have a different foot imprint and less cushioning available to protect your child’s feet.

Arch and Heel Support

  • Check for built-in arches and stiff siding by the heels.

Don’t judge a shoe by its cover

  • Don’t let your children choose their shoes until after they have tried them on. If they have a character that they are crazy about, they will want to choose those shoes no matter what. However, it’s better for them to get shoes that will protect their feet.

Are your children complaining of foot pain or wanting to get out of shoes as soon as possible? Those are signs that they may be outgrowing their shoes. Other clues include blisters, calluses, and redness. Or maybe you are concerned that their feet or ankles are not developing properly. Consult with our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy at Clark Podiatry Center. Specializing in children and family foot care, our doctor will address any concerns you have about their footwear. Request an appointment at our office in Clark, NJ.