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Strengthening Weak Ankles

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Some people naturally have weak ankles, which makes them more prone to getting an injury. From strains and sprains to broken bones, an ankle injury can be immobilizing, and worse, it can be recurring. An injured ankle tends to get re-injured more easily.

The best way to care for and prevent ankle problems is to be proactive. Strengthen your ankles and condition them to be flexible and resilient. Listed below are some exercises you can do to strengthen your ankles – whether they are weak or not! (Remember to stretch before you workout)

  • Flexing and Pointing the toes: You can do this while you’re watching TV! While sitting, raise your feet off the ground and flex and hold, then point and hold your feet. Try holding for at least 3-5 seconds for each rep, and do at least 10 reps.
    +1: Use an elastic exercise band to increase resistance during your points.
  • Floating Foot Circles: This is also something you can do while watching TV! Lift your feet from the ground and make circles with them, rotating at the ankle joint. Go slow and steady, feeling the struggle and stretch.
  • Circle Sways: Standing with your feet together, try to lean forward, side, back, and other side, making a circle. It should take your feet, ankles, knees, and quadriceps muscles to balance you.
  • One-legged squats: This is not easy, so try holding a pole or ballet barre. Bend one leg and to allow you to squat with one leg, as low as you can without falling over. Do about 10 reps and repeat with the other leg.
  • Heel-Toe Walking: Try walking across the room on your tiptoes. Then walk back while balancing on your heels only.
    +1: Try standing with feet hip distance apart. Rock your feet so that you go from tip to standing on heels, while maintaining balance and steadiness in the rest of your body.

Worried about unstable, weak ankles? Do you twist or sprain your ankles often? Come see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon MacyMake an appointment today at The New Jersey Children’s Foot Heath Institute at Clark Podiatry Center to have your feet assessed and treated with care. We are located in Clark, NJ and serve patients in all the surrounding Union County towns! We keep you walking!