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What is the difference between a wart and a callus?  A wart is a skin lesion cause by a virus. It can occur anywhere on the foot, most commonly on the bottom of the foot. Often, you will see tiny black dots and it will be painful when squeezed. Warts can enlarge and/or multiply over time. A callus is caused by a combination of friction and pressure on a bony prominence.  Looking closely, you will typically see normal skin lines coursing through a callus. Calluses tend to be more stable in size, number and location.  

Treatment is different according to the diagnosis, so having an examination is the best way to accurately diagnose and treat the problem.  Warts are "growths" and there are many different methods for trying to remove them.  Calluses are not growths and treatment is therefore directed at relieving the pressure and friction that causes them.  Accommodative orthotics can help along with modifying shoegear.  Sometimes surgery is needed to deal with bony prominences and/ore deformities.  

For calluses with a deep central "core" and sometimes for warts, we utilize a treatment called Transderm to help resolve the condition painlessly.

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