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Everyone knows --or should know that smoking is not good for you. It affects your lungs, your cardiovascular health, your circulation, your skin, your weight, lowers your resistance to disease, it even affects your attitude. What you need to understand is that sitting has precisely the same effect.  A recent article in Parade Magazine cited a study where it was demonstrated that the life span of sedentary people is significantly shorter—no surprise there—but that even overweight people who are active fare much better than slender people who are not active.


Pick any age group and you'll see obvious examples. Children spending too much time on the computer, cell phone, game console, television--there's little argument that they need to get outside and participate in some physical activity. The National Football League is in agreement.  They sponsor the nflplay60 experience, an effort to get kids physically active for at least 60 minutes per day in an effort to combat childhood obesity.


Another article in Parade stated that fit children get better grades in school.  At a Back to School Night I attended when one of my daughters started high school, a teacher said that he loved having students participate in athletics.  Not only was it healthier, he said, but it was a driving force for the students to better budget their time for studies.

Older people with arthritis, poor circulation or balance problems are often afraid of falling or intimidated by their pain. But the pain of arthritis can be eased by keeping active. There's an old axiom "use it or lose it".  The more you do, the more you can do, the less you do, the less you can do.  In either direction it's a spiral. The spiral can work for you or against you--it's a choice to be made each and every day.  Our office has a Fall Prevention Program to keep seniors on their feet and moving.


Diabetics absolutely need to keep moving to help control their weight, blood sugar and maintain a positive attitude about their disease. Exercise helps with cardiovascular health, controls blood pressure and those ugly varicose veins. It can often lead to decreasing the need for medication.  I'll say it again: even moderate exercise is a natural mood elevator

Couch potatoes of the world need to unite--to get up and move instead of watching the ball games or *gasp* The Bachelor.  There is absolutely no evidence that watching Dancing with the Stars, a basketball game or even the New York Marathon burns calories in viewers.  Is your dog putting on a few pounds? I like to say that if your dog is too fat then you aren't getting enough exercise!

How can we at Clark Podiatry Center be of help? Let me count the ways.

If your feet hurt for any reason, that certainly puts a damper on your enthusiasm and ability to get out there. Heel pain? Ingrown nails? Painful bunions or hammer toes? We can help--quickly and easily. Are your shoes causing you pain? We can advise you about what to look for.


Your body is a walking machine that may not have been built properly by your parents.  Imbalances in the structure can be the underlying cause of so very many deformities and pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back.  Lightweight, custom orthotics often make a major difference in being able to perform your daily activities and exercise in comfort.


Our motto at Clark Podiatry Center is “We Keep You Walking”.  It’s about looking, feeling and being healthier.  It’s about walking the walk instead of talking the talk about how you know you should exercise and want to, but [fill in the excuse].


You don’t have to start by training for a marathon.  A little bit each day can build into something big. There’s something called The Compound Effect, where you may not see dramatic results quickly, but by being persistent day after day and turning a small effort into a habit, the results in the long run will be remarkable.


Look around our website for information regarding any specific problems you may have.  If you can’t find something that sounds familiar, use the Contact Us link to ask a question.  Or call 732-382-3470 for an appointment.  We’ll fit you into the schedule as soon as possible and then we’ll work together to do what it takes to keep you walking.

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