Your feet and ankles are vulnerable to skin cancer – even the soles of your feet. Certain types of skin cancer are unrelated to sun exposure.

There are 3 types of cancers found in the foot and ankle:

SkincancerTo spot a melanoma, follow the ABCDs:


A skin biopsy can confirm any suspicion of skin cancer.

If the biopsy is positive for skin cancer, your foot doctor will recommend the best course of treatment for your unique scenario.


Limiting sun exposure for the feet and ankles can help prevent skin cancer. When you are outdoors, apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30 regularly, and don’t forget the soles of your feet when you are lying on the beach.

Examine your feet regularly for anything unusual. Check the bottoms and between the toes too. If you notice anything suspicious, schedule a visit with your podiatrist right away.