Footodor 300x198Foot odor, also called bromodosis, is a common condition caused by excessive sweat in the feet. The sweat causes bacteria to grow, leading to bad odors. Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections can also cause bromodosis.


Obviously, unpleasant foot odor is the main symptom of bromodosis. The smell may be observed when the shoes and socks are removed or, in more serious cases, even when shoes are left on.

Treating Foot Odor

Most cases of bromodosis can be treated right at home with careful, regular foot care.

If these home treatments don’t work, visit your foot doctor stronger prescription soaps and antiperspirants and advice on treating excessive sweating.

Preventing Foot Odor

Most cases of bromodosis can be prevented by keeping the feet and footwear clean and dry.

Follow the above treatment steps ongoing to minimize your risk of smelly feet.