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Clark Podiatry Center/NJPPSG Recommendations for Clinics during COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Upon reaching the office each day, each team member; assistant, manager, and Doctor should have their temperature taken and logged on log in sheets.
  2. Patients and staff should wear face masks for the duration of the time that they remain in the office. Patients can use their own masks upon entering the office.
  3. At the end of each day, it is recommended scrubs and protective outer wear should be changed out of once at home. This can limit possible transmission from workers to family members.
  4. On clinic’s website, include COVID-19 procedures for patients coming into the office. Patients are to bring their own pens, facial coverings, and adhere to CDC screening guidelines ex: staying home for sickness, fevers, for contact with possible COVID-19 cases.
  5. Patients are to be pre-screened by office staff when setting up visits with usual CDC guidelines. A checklist of questions will be asked and a copy will be inserted into the patient’s medical record.
  6. Telemedicine appointments should be used when appropriate.
  7. Schedule patients with enough time between visits to allow proper social distancing in your office along with time to disinfect treatment rooms between patients.
  8. When calling patients the day before their appointments, please ascertain if they have symptoms before their visit. Limit patient’s visitors to one relative/ caretaker for limited mobility patients. Allow patients to wait in their cars until check in is available. Front desk can call patients in their cars to be let in one at a time.
  9. Please remove all extra reading materials, toys, products, and signage from the waiting room area.
  10. Provide protective shield barrier between patients and front desk staff.
  11. Patients are to use hand sanitizer before interacting with front office staff.
  12. Front desk workers are to use their own assigned seats, their own office phones, computer stations and a six-foot workspace area for each staff member for the duration of the shift for employee safety. If phones need to be reassigned, then the handsets and entire numerical pads should be sanitized.  If a computer needs to be accessed by multiple individuals, use of fresh gloves each time, and/or disinfection of keyboard and mouse should be done after each episode
  13. Hand sanitizer or hand washing used when clinic staff enters patient rooms and upon leaving.
  14. Once in the examination rooms, patients should have their temperatures taken as well as their usual vitals, review of medication lists, and chief complaint. For BP vitals, please use wrist BP cuffs to limit assistant to patient contact.
  15. Doctors and assistants should have access to N-95 masks for more direct contact with patients. PPE and outer surgical gowns may be used for further protection.
  16. Staff should keep their N95s in a ziplock plastic bag for daily reuse (unless worn out or visibly soiled) and avoid touching the outer surface as much as possible.  In high risk situation, such as surgical procedures, it would be advisable for providers to place an additional surgical mask or face shield over the outside of the N95 to prevent viral contamination.  The only times that it should be acceptable to remove one’s mask is for eating and drinking.
  17. Returning appointments to be made in the examination rooms to limit contact with the front desk staff and with other patients coming into the office.
  18. Office staff to monitor patient bathrooms and to clean after each patient. If possible, provide separate bathroom facilities for staff and patients.
  19. Digital imaging, diagnostic equipment, and imaging platforms to be wiped down between patients.
  20. Obviously, cleaning and sanitizing of rooms surfaces in each room should be used after the patient leaves. Review of pertinent web pages for lists of COVID-19 appropriate which change rapidly. Example: https://www.ehs.washington.edu PREVENTION: ENHANCED CLEANING AND DISINFECTION.