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Among the most painful, annoying and persistent foot problems, corns and calluses generate a great deal of frustration. They interfere with shoe fit, exercise and, in general terms, can make your life miserable. To deal with these problems it is important to understand what they are and why they occur in the first place.

First, corns and calluses aren’t “growths” that can be removed.  They are caused by repeated friction or pressure over time—over a bony prominence such as a hammertoes in the case of a corn.  Deformities such as bunions and mechanical abnormalities can result in an imbalance in the weight distribution in the ball of the foot, leading to the development of calluses in one or more spots.

Palliative care—scraping or paring down the corn or callus, plus applying padding to the area can relieve pain temporarily. But unless the underlying cause is addressed, the corn or callus will return sooner or later.  Over the counter drops or medicated disks contain acids which can peel away some layers, but can cause serious damage to normal skin and  don’t treat the underlying condition, so they should be avoided altogether. If possible, adjusting the types of shoes you wear on a daily basis can be helpful, up to a point.

Persistent, painful hammertoe deformities need to be addressed surgically with a minimum of downtime.  The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and recovery is typically quick. 

There are a few more options with regard to calluses on the ball of the foot.  Custom, prescription orthotics with accommodations to relieve pressure on the calluses can help a great deal.  For calluses with a deep central core that can be excruciatingly painful, Dr. Macy has been participating in an international study utilizing a treatment to remove these lesions called Transderm.   A Transderm treatment is quick, totally painless—no surgery, no needles--and can provide significantly better and longer lasting relief than palliative care alone. Used in combination with orthotics, this can restore the spring in your step—and fast!

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Don’t let painful corns or calluses get in the way of a good time.  At Clark Podiatry Center, we want to keep you walking!

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