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"Do Not Use on Scalp or Nails"

"Not Effective on Nails"

Many patients coming in for treatment of fungal nails having already tried one or more over the counter nail medications or creams prescribed by a well meaning primary care physician.  These patients are frustrated because the medications didn't make a bit of difference. In fact, using these medications as a primary or sole treatment is almost always doomed to failure.  There are several reasons for this.

First, the hard part about treating fungus in the nails isn't the fungus, it is the nail itself.  Particularly with the thicker nails, topical medication cannot penetrate the nail plate adequately.  The same fungus in the skin, known as athlete's foot, is more easily treated because the skin absorbs medication readily.  OTC medications for nails have decent antifungal medicines but use a harsh chemical in an attempt to penetrate the nail plate(creams don't penetrate the nail plate at all) .  They can irritate the skin surrounding the nail if you get it one the skin. 

As a result,  OTC products have a success rate of approximately 4%--yes, FOUR percent--and that is for the version of fungal nails with a normal thickness and a superficial infection that looks like somebody sprinkled powdered sugar on the nails.   Moreover, when the FDA tested these products. a few years ago, none of them demonstrated the ability to adequately penetrate the nail plate. Those two quotes at the top of the article?  One of them must appear somewhere on the labeling of every one of the OTC medications, it is required by the Food and Drug Administration.

All that being said, there is a place for topical medications in treating nail fungus.  In our office we use Clarus topical nail solution as an adjunct, part of a comprehensive plan for treating fungal nails. It contains no harsh chemicals (doesn't need the FDA warning) and is used to a) treat the nail surface and b) protects the nails as they grow while using the more effective treatments of oral medication and/or laser treatment.  Keep in mind that it can take many months to see improvement when treating fungal nails by any method.    

There's more to treating fungal nails than most of us would like to believe.  For more information about treatment options and the process, contact us for an appointment or use the link to ask more questions.

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