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Calluses are caused by a combination of friction and pressure.  On the ball of the foot, they are caused by an uneven weight distribution that is often a result of a foot deformity.  Biomechanical or gait abnormalities can also cause abnormal pressures on the bottom of the foot. Calluses form as a normal action of the body to protect itself.  

  Callus/porokeratosis on this patient's right foot.

Basic reducing (paring) of calluses, just as with corns, can provide rapid but temporary relief from pain.  While sometimes they demonstrate deep spots that some people refer to as “roots”, they don’t act in any way like plants and can’t be eliminated permanently by getting out the so-called “root”.  To keep the callus from coming back we must address the cause of the callus. 

Dr. Macy provides a proper assessment of the callus to determine its cause and implement a plan to manage the pain and pressure. Regular maintenance visits to keep the calluses reduced are typically the first line of treatment, along with the use of padding, changing shoe gear and the use of orthotics to relieve pressures beneath the foot. 

We also specialize in the use of TransDerm to enhance the relief from those calluses known as porokeratoses which are the ones with those deep “roots”.  TransDerm can extend the duration of relief beyond that which can be obtained from regular maintenance alone.  When pain from a corn or callus is unrelenting in spite of these other measures, surgical correction of the bony prominence may be necessary.

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