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There's no question that you enjoy nice looking nails.  The use of acrylic nails is common on the fingernails.  Some salons will apply them to your toenails as well.  This can be problematic with the potential to cause pain and infection.

Acrylic nails are hard and inflexible. While this isn't an issue on your fingernails, it poses a problem when you put your feet into a shoe. Your toenails flex as you walk and as you contact a shoe. Without this flexibility, the nail would drive into your toe and mimic an ingrown toenail. The pressure, even for a short time, can cause a foot infection to form.

At Clark Podiatry Center, we offer a solution. We use an innovative technology known as KeryFlex. Keryflex is is a keratin resin applied over your own toenail to provide a healthy appearing nail. Unlike acrylics, it is flexible and will not cause the same problems as acrylic nails. You can use nail polish and nail polish remover with the KeryFlex just as you would a regular toenail. By the way, men often come in to have a Keryflex toenail applied to damaged or fungal nails during sandal season.

Keep your nails and feet healthy and safeContact us at Clark Podiatry Center to see if you are a candidate for KeryFlex nail restoration.

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