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By Clark Podiatry Center
December 17, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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In the past ten years, we have made significant strides in the field of medicine and technology. Today, there are a myriad of options available for patients who do not want to undergo complex procedures and invasive surgeries with long periods of downtime.

An X-ray is a type of technology that is now so frequently used in medicine. X-ray or X-radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. In an X-ray, a photographic or digital image is taken of a part of a body. This is done by beams of energy passing through your body and being absorbed in different amounts depending on the density of the material it passes. An X-ray is used to take images of the structures of the inside of your body, ex. your teeth, your bones and tissues.

X-rays are widely used in podiatry but you may be worried about getting an x-ray and being exposed to a radiation. Long ago, doctors did not know about the risks of exposure to radiation, but now X-ray technology is more advanced and the risks of radiation induced cancer is better understood and thus, doctors always exercise caution and take the ‘less is more’ approach. Pregnant women and children should speak to their physicians before having an X-ray due to possible risks to the unborn baby.

Your podiatrist may recommend you have an X-ray done before they can diagnose your foot or ankle problem.

What are X-rays used for?

  • Identify if there are any broken bones
  • Identify if there is a fracture in the foot or ankle
  • To rule out dislocated joints
  • To diagnose arthritis by taking x-rays of your joints
  • To measure bone density by using special x-rays
  • To detect and reveal bone tumors and cysts
  • To ensure that a broken bone has properly healed

What Happens During and After an X-ray?

A technician will seat you in the examination table and ask you to keep the foot or ankle area revealed. This may mean taking off your shoes and socks so the X-rays can be done accurately. Then, you will be given a lead apron to shield and protect the rest of your body from the radiation.

The technician will take several different images of your injured area and take images from various angles.

The X-ray images will be sent to the laboratory and a report will be prepared. Your podiatrist will discuss the results of your X-rays at your next appointment.

Do you need a foot X-ray?

If you suspect a broken bone or any foot or ankle injury, ask your podiatrist if they would advise an X-ray. Dr. Brandon Macy of Clark Podiatry is an excellent choice when finding a board certified podiatrist. Clark Podiatry, located in Clark, New Jersey has an excellent staff, working hard to help men, women and children recover from foot and ankle problems. Call Dr. Brandon Macy for a complete consultation at (732) 382-3470 or schedule your online appointment with us today!

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