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By Clark Podiatry Center
November 19, 2019
Category: Diabetic Foot Care

The temperatures are dropping, and winter is on the way. In colder weather, it’s important to keep your feet and toes warm. For patients with diabetes, this requires a few safety measures to ensure that your feet are staying warm — and safe. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that impacts patients who have diabetes. In short, peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage, and this damage impacts a patient’s ability to determine if something is too cold, too hot, sharp or dull.

If you have diabetes, keep these tips in mind as you’re keeping your feet warm:

Avoid direct heat

Electric blankets, hot baths, and space heaters may seem like the best option for a quick warm-up. For a patient with diabetes, however, these options are dangerous. Since a person with peripheral neuropathy may be unable to feel that something is too hot, they are at risk for serious burns on their feet. If you need to take a bath, have a family member test the water first. Use layers instead of an electric blanket. Always avoid direct heat on your feet.

Choose the right socks

Did you know that there are socks made specifically for people with diabetes? These socks provide warmth, and they also provide additional cushion to reduce the friction or pressure that can further irritate corns, calluses, bunions or blisters. Fungal infections are still lurking in the fall, so be sure to always wear clean, dry socks with your shoes.

Don’t walk barefoot

Although you’re nice and warm in your house, always wear at least a pair of socks. This provides another layer of warmth for your feet, as well as protection against the unknown.

Protect your feet during the cold weather. If you need additional suggestions or have questions about how to manage your neuropathy, schedule an appointment with Clark Podiatry Center by calling 732-382-3470. Dr. Brandon A. Macy is a board-certified podiatrist. Don’t forget that New Jersey’s Children’s Foot Health Institute is a part of the Clark Podiatry Center, too. Visit us at our Clark, New Jersey office.

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