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By Clark Podiatry Center
January 22, 2020
Category: bone health
Tags: osteoporosis   vitamin D   strong bones  

Your New Year’s Resolutions list may be longer than you’d like, but here’s one more goal: strengthen your bones. That’s right — just like you want to strengthen your muscles. Stronger bones help with coordination and balance. They also help to reduce injuries, like a fracture, after a fall or a trip. Dr. Brandon A. Macy of Clark Podiatry Center is here to help you take more steps in 2020. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Take it easy

If you’re ready to exercise, consult a doctor, choose the right exercise, and ease into your new lifestyle. It’s best to choose two types of exercises: weight-bearing and resistance. For weight-bearing exercises, it’s important to know your limits and have supervision. For resistance exercises, such as walking, jogging, or dancing, make sure that you’re wearing the proper footwear.

Bring out the calcium — and sunshine

Calcium is an important mineral that should be a part of your regular diet. If you don’t have calcium in your meal plan, start today. Most dairy items, including milk, yogurt, and cheese, have calcium. If you’re unable to tolerate dairy, there are many other non-dairy items that provide this source of nutrition. Consider almonds and beans, for example. Next, spend some time outside to get some Vitamin D; don’t forget sunscreen. Vitamin D supplements are helpful, too.

Know your bones

Does osteoporosis run in your family? Do you frequently suffer from sprained ankles? These are questions to consider as you evaluate ways to strengthen your bones. Talking with a podiatrist is a valuable way to determine risk factors and a game plan for proper treatment.

Avoid sprains and broken bones by strengthening your support system. Schedule an appointment with Clark Podiatry Center or call 732-382-3470. Dr. Brandon A. Macy is a board-certified podiatrist at our Clark, New Jersey office, and he’s here to help you on our journey. New Jersey’s Children’s Foot Health Institute is a part of the Clark Podiatry Center, too.

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