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By Brandon Macy, D.P.M.
October 13, 2013
Category: Running

It seems like a long time since I was recruited to run in the Runner's World Half Marathon weekend--or at least the 5K---ummm, bring my dog Moose to the event to participate in the 1 mile dog run.  You see, my middle daughter, Brianne, work for a media company thathandles the account for the dog run sponsor, Eukanuba dog food.

Well, we're supporting her cause.Moose has been in training, playing fetch in our back yard, along with his daily walks.  We've also been connected with a new IPhone app: WalkJogRun. This is an app which can keep track of your workouts, your distances, pace, etc.; can find or map a trail (including dog trails). You can document your workout types: walking, running on treadmills, dog walks, dog runs, speed work.

 I did a track workout yesterday (without Moose) and it tracked my lap times/pace, with a pleasant voice popping up on me Iphone to tell me how things were going after the completion of each lap.  Actually, that feasture was imperfect, as  there must have been a GPS signal weak spot at one corner.  The visual map seemed to cut off the football field inside the track and the voice frequently popped up 10-15 years farther than the end of the lap.  Technology and satellites aren't foolproof yet.  Fortunately, I completed 4 miles, with the last half being a mixture of walking and  90% all out effort on the running.  For me, 1-2 more workouts before the Saturday 5K.  My legs definitely need a rest the day after a hard workout.   Moose is younger and doesn't need the rest.  In fact, he's woofing at me to head out to the backyard to toos that tennis ball again.  

How about that for a lesson?  Running/working out as fun and play. 


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