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By Clark Podiatry Center
January 14, 2020
Category: Exercise
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Starting your exercise journey can be exciting as you begin a fresh start for the new year. It can also be a bit intimidating if you feel like you’re approaching the goal alone. Dr. Brandon A. Macy of Clark Podiatry Center works hard to keep you walking, and this includes speeding things up a bit during an exercise program or sporting activity. Don’t forget that your feet and ankles will be feeling the pressure during these new activities. Here are a few ways to protect yourself from sports injuries:

Stretch and rest

Set yourself up for success by stretching before and after fitness activities and resting when it’s time for a break. Stretching allows your muscles to become stronger and more flexible. As you’re moving back and forth, well-stretched muscles also improve your range of motion. If you experience pain while stretching, stop. It’s okay to ease into stretches based on your level of flexibility.

Keep your bones healthy and strong

Limit your chances of a fracture, or broken bone, by increasing your intake of calcium and Vitamin D. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a glass of milk, a Vitamin D supplement or a healthy amount of time in the sun (wearing sunscreen, of course). Healthy, strong bones help to protect you from the consequences of a trip, a bump or a fall. 

Don’t push through the pain

If you’re experiencing pain, it’s time to stop. The further along you continue in pain, the more likely you are to worsen your condition. Your pain could have a simple solution, such as a change of footwear. It could also be something that needs more attention, such as Achilles tendonitis.

Start exercising the right way, so that you can continue throughout the year. If you have questions about getting started, schedule an appointment with Clark Podiatry Center or call 732-382-3470. Dr. Brandon A. Macy is a board-certified podiatrist at our Clark, New Jersey office. New Jersey’s Children’s Foot Health Institute is a part of the Clark Podiatry Center, too.

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