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By Clark Podiatry Center
July 27, 2016
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Summer footwear sometimes leaves you with dry, cracked skin on your feet, especially around the heels. The extra exposure to the elements from sandals and flip flops cause this issue, but most of the time, with a little bit of TLC, this problem can be taken care of easily.

Superficial dry, cracked skin on the feet can be treated at home. However, when the cracks are deep and infected or bleeding, it is a more serious issue and needs the attention of our podiatrist. Please call our team at Clark Podiatry Center where our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy will provide the podiatric care your family needs.

For those with dry, cracked skin on the surface of the feet, the following are some home remedies for preventing and reducing the problem. 

  1. Hydration: make sure you and your children drink plenty of water so that your overall body has enough to nourish all of your skin.

  2. Creams: Use a thick cream to spread onto your feet. Socks or keeping your feet up for a while will be recommended to prevent slipping and falling after applying the creams.

  3. Pumice Stone: Use one to scrub off the dead skin cells after a warm foot soak.

  4. Antibacterial Soap: Will help to prevent or treat infections.

  5. Paraffin Wax: This covers the feet and helps to retain moisture in the skin.

  6. Epsom salt or Honey: Adding these to baths or soaks will also help to heal and moisturize.

  7. Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice: Apply directly to the dry, cracked areas as it will soften the skin.

  8. Rotate in some walking shoes or sneakers so that your feet are not always exposed to the air.

Some dry skin may persist even when treating at home. You can make an appointment with us at the Clark, NJ office by calling (732) 382-3470. Dr. Macy and his team will provide excellent care for your family’s adult and pediatric podiatry needs.

Don’t forget! The Grand Opening for the New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute is on July 30th, where we will offer a free foot screening for your children!

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