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Have you been waiting for your child to get old enough to come with you on your hikes and backpacking trips? Spending time outdoors is not only great for physical health, but also for developing imagination and exploration skills. But before you run out the door, make sure you have the right gear for your children’s feet!

The Right Fit

Children’s feet grow constantly, and at times, exponentially. Shoes that fit last summer can suddenly be too small to wear this year. So before you child goes on the first or 100th time, make sure that the shoe fits properly.

You may also be tempted to pass shoes down from one child to another or take a family friend’s hand-me-downs. Keep in mind that children’s feet are different in shape and size, so if the soles are too worn down or molded to another child’s feet, they may not be the best choice for safe and comfortable hiking.

Foot and Ankle Support

Hiking shoes should be breathable but sturdy. The soles of the shoes should be sturdy but flexible for traction. The inner soles should have comfortable cushioning for long hikes. Additionally, if your child has issues with his or her arches, make sure the shoes have good arch support to prevent cramping or muscle fatigue. Furthermore, the ankle cut should be mid to high so that there is some ankle support to prevent injury on rocky trails.

Function over Fashion

While hiking shoes are not really the most fashionable footwear, children may be tempted to choose shoes that look “awesome” or “pretty”. It may be a decision maker when choosing between two, but should not be the most important factor. Fit and support are the key ingredients to successful and injury-free hikes.

Always have your children try on boots before purchasing and before going out on the hikes. As they are ever-changing, children’s feet need careful attention before, during, and after a hike to ensure there are no podiatric issues.

If your child has podiatric issues, but wondering if they would be able to go with you on hikes, consult with our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy at Clark Podiatry Center. Specializing in children and family foot care, our doctor will address any concerns as your child learns to engage in outdoor activities with you. You can find our office in Clark, NJ and make an appointment by calling (732) 382-3470.

Don’t forget! The grand opening for the New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute is on July 30th. Bring your child in for a free foot screening!

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