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When it comes to children’s foot problems, it is often difficult for parents to know what is normal and what needs attention.  Especially when small children don’t have obvious pain or when they are unable to express their discomfort very well, parents want to know whether “this too shall pass” or if it something that should be treated.  In search of answers, we’ve found that there are three common myths about children’s foot problems.

Myth #1: It is normal for children to have flat feet.  Children under the age of 3 or 4 have a fat pad under the arch which makes a foot look flat.  That disappears, but there are structural issues which can linger and become problematic.  What to watch for:   knee or shin pain, poor balance, delayed onset of walking, awkward gait, fatigue or poor coordination are signs of problems for which you should seek attention

Myth #2: Kids will grow out of flat feet.  There is a normal progression of the position of the heel (when viewed from behind) which can be an indication of whether your child’s feet flatten out more than they should. The heel should be nearly vertical by the time a child is about 6 years old.  If it turns out (everted) past that time, this may be considered a developmental flat foot and this should be addressed—and the earlier, the better.  What to watch for:  Since so many foot problems are hereditary, take a look at the feet of older siblings, parents and grandparents for an idea what happens when a developmental flatfoot is left untreated.  This also applies to children with intoe gait and toe walkers.

Myth #3:  “Growing pains” are normal.  No, they’re not.  It is never normal to have foot pain. Children have many growth plates in their bones. As an example, we often encounter heel pain in 9-13 year olds who are active athletically.  Most of this time it is an injury to the growth plate of the heel called Sever's Disease/Calcaneal Apophysitis which can be treated fairly easily in the majority cases.  What to watch for: Complaints of pain, or noticeable limping during sports activities. For heel problems, there will typically be pain when the side of the heel near the back is squeezed.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues in your child or grandchild, you should have him or her examined.  Clark Podiatry Center is offering an afternoon of free screening examinations for children at our Clark office on Saturday April 18 from 1:00-5:00 in the afternoon.  For more information or to sign up (Pre-registration is recommended) request an appointment  on our website at www.clarkpodiatry.com or call the office at 732-382-3470.


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