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By Clark Podiatry Center
March 15, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Bunions   Flat Feet   Hammertoes   bursitis  

Most of the time, when bunions are mentioned, they are in the context of a podiatric issue for adults (mostly women). However, did you know that bunions affect children too? 

A bunion is characterized by an outwardly protruding bump that occurs at the big toe joint (metatarsophalangeal joint). In adults, it is typically an extra bone growth that protrudes outward, caused by genetics, shoes, or other foot issues. For children and adolescents, though, it is usually due to developmental structural problems. These issues are usually a developmental deformity where the toes point inward too much or when there is a joint misalignment. Hereditary traits and having flat feet are risk factors for juvenile bunions.

Treatment Options

Bunions may or may not be painful, but can be uncomfortable in certain shoes. They may also continue to get larger, depending on the situation. For adults, changing shoes, using inserts, applying ice, and padding shoes can help to relieve pain and inflammation. In extreme cases, a podiatrist may determine if surgery is necessary.

For children, podiatrists will encourage padding the area, changing shoes, and altering activities that aggravate the bunion. If the problem is treated early, orthotics and custom gear may be able to halt bunion growth and correct developmental issues since bones are not yet fully hardened.

The main difference in treatment is that surgery is not highly encouraged. This is because children are still growing and bones are not fully formed. Surgery on the bones can affect the growth plate, which, if disturbed, can affect future growth. Nonetheless, surgeries for mild bunions are usually successful at correcting alignment issues. They are usually performed further away from the growth plate, so risks are lower. The surgeries for more severe bunions require attention closer to the growth plate, so there is a higher risk of complication. For these reasons, if possible, surgery is put off until after bones have fully formed, in later teenage years.

Untreated bunions can lead to more complex issues. Not only will wearing shoes be uncomfortable and painful, there are also higher risks for bursitis, hammertoes, and alignment issues for other toes.

If you or your children are experiencing bunion pain, come see us at Clark Podiatry Center right away. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy can find the best treatment options for you or your child. Make an appointment today so that our team can help you resolve the issue sooner, rather than later. We are located in Clark, NJ in Union County and our team is ready to help! We keep you walking.

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