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By Clark Podiatry Center
February 21, 2018
Category: Foot Pain
Tags: diabetes   Orthotics   Shoes   stretching   work   athletes   nutritious meals  

You can’t quite put a finger (or toe) on when you get them or what’s causing you get them, but you know that they come and go, here and there. Sometimes it’s in the middle of walking down the street, while other times, it’s while climbing stairs or working out at the gym. Why do these foot cramps keep happening?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific known cause of foot cramps (which is probably why you get them at different times of the day). However, there are some characteristics and conditions that seem to make them more likely to be triggered, such as:

Irregular levels of minerals in the body and/or dehydration – Your body needs certain minerals and plenty of water to function properly, especially in the muscles.

  • If you haven’t had much water to drink, make sure you hydrate before and after a workout or other physical activity. Avoid drinking dehydrating drinks such as caffeinated drinks and
  • Got low levels of electrolytes? You can get them in coconut water or electrolyte-enhanced water, as well as in nutritious meals with potassium-rich foods like bananas.

Overexertion and under-stretchingAthletes and non-athletes alike can suffer from foot cramps if muscles are tired from long workouts or standing all day. A sudden movement requiring just a bit more force from the exhausted foot muscles can cause feet to cramp.

  • Stretching before a workout (or several times while you are standing all day) can help the muscles warm up or stay warm.
  • Be sure to use supportive shoes when you’ll be using your feet for exercise or work, and ease into different workouts. Listen to your body when it feels exhausted to prevent cramping.

Poor circulation or a pinched nerve – Foot pain or cramping that increases with walking could indicate problems like diabetes or neuropathy, which can cause poor circulation. Tired muscles may not get the necessary nutrients due to poor circulation, causing foot cramps. In some cases, it can also be a pinched nerve, whether from posture issues or from unsupportive shoes or uncomfortable shoes and irritate the nerves in the feet.

  • Change the types of shoes you wear to see if you experience fewer foot cramps.
  • You may need supportive orthotics to find relief. We can help!

If you suspect that you may have a condition causing your foot cramps or if it’s a side effect of medication, speak to your doctor or our podiatrist for more information. Make an appointment to see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy at Clark Podiatry Center. He can assess your feet and give them the treatment and care that they need. Come see him at our Clark, NJ office, which serves the surrounding Union County areas. 

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