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By Clark Podiatry Center
October 14, 2015
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Why do we get these unsightly and uncomfortable things called calluses? Our feet do all the walking, running, jumping, dancing and sitting that we need. Thus, they inevitably take a thrashing.

All that physical activity and the constant weight of our bodies on our feet is adding stress, friction, irritation and pressure. This either causes blisters and corns to form on our feet, or thickened skin called calluses. Although calluses are not generally painful, they can become painful when left untreated.

If you invest in proper foot care and take measures such as a hot water soak and moisturize your feet, your feet will get some relaxation. This will also soften the thickened area and prevent irritation and friction the next day. However, ignoring the problem and continuing to go about your daily activities will eventually lead to very painful calluses. Your feet may feel rock hard and heavy and cause you a lot of discomfort. You may also develop small lesions on the bottom of your feet. Patients often describe the sensation and state that it feels as if small pebbles or stones were stuck in their shoe. This foot condition is generally known as plantar porokeratosis, although porokeratosis has a broader definition in podiatry. Scraping and buffing the calluses can only temporarily help as they only remove the outer surface of the skin and do not completely solve the problem and the pain associated with it.

If you or someone you know is dealing with painful calluses or porokeratosis, rest assured because there is hope and help for you. Schedule an appointment with a board certified podiatrist and you will learn of the latest treatments that are available for this condition.

Dr. Brandon Macy is a board certified podiatrist and surgeon and has been treating adults and children since 1981. Dr. Brandon Macy and his staff are proud to offer a new state of the art treatment for treating painful calluses known as the TransDerm Solutions Treatment Systems.

This is a highly advanced, painless and non-invasive treatment that can offer quick results. The TransDerm Treatment System is a simple procedure that is done over 2 days. It involves the application of special topical solutions in a step by step process targeted to improve lesions and tough calluses in the feet.

Call Clark Podiatry today to find out more about this revolutionary treatment at (732) 382-3470.

Visit us at Clark, New Jersey to see our office where you will be in good hands from start to finish. Request your online appointment now!

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