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One of the more common reasons a parent will bring in their 9-13 year old child has to do with complaints of heel pain.  Most of these children are active sports participants--soccer, football, cross-country, but certainly other physical activities like dance and gymnastics. While there may be other causes, most often they suffer from a condition known as Sever’s Disease, also known as calcaneal apophysitis.

Calcaneal apophysitis is actually an injury to the growth plate of the heel bone.  The cause is an excessive amount of torque between the side of the growth plate where the Achilles tendon attaches and the other side where the rest of the foot is.  This usually happens in feet which overpronate (they flatten out too much).

The pain is felt at the bottom or side of the heel near the back and can be on one or both heels at the same time.  The pain increases as they tire during practices, games or in-school physical education classes. It can be worse in sports which utilize cleats, as the placement of cleats can hit in just the wrong spot.  The severity of the pain and how much it interferes with activities can vary as well.

Here’s the surprising fact:  many people try using some form of heel cushion or heel cup inside the shoe with limited success.  Why? Back to the cause—the problem isn’t usually a bruise from landing too hard, even though it tends to feel worse playing on harder surfaces, but from the biomechanical torque on the heel bone.   How is it best treated? By utilizing an orthotic—often one of our specialized LittleSteps children’s orthotics which provide shock absorption, support for the foot which is flattening out too much and a deep heel cup which controls that heel torque.  Unless the pain is severe, the need to miss time from participation is minimal and relief is rapid, usually within a few weeks.

The takeaway point is this: don’t let heel pain get in the way of your child’s enjoyment of playing! For more information or an appointment, contact us at 732-382-3470 or visit our website at www.clarkpodiatry.com

At Clark Podiatry Center and the New Jersey Children’s Foot Heath Institute, we want to keep you walking! #ClarkPodiatry #NJCFHI

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