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With the holidays approaching, delicious food, family traditions, and fun are all around the corner. For children with diabetes, this time can be exciting and overwhelming. For parents, it may require additional monitoring of blood sugar levels.  At Clark Podiatry Center, we want to help you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving while ensuring that your child remains healthy.

Here are a few tips for parents this Thanksgiving:

Know the menu

Whether you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home or visiting family members, know in advance what may be on your child’s plate. If you’re going to be guests at someone’s home, this may even give you enough time to mention your child’s nutritional needs. It’s much easier to ask in advance than to respond to surprises or disappointments.

Watch portion sizes

During Thanksgiving, many people feel that this is the time to fill plates and return for multiple helpings. While it’s OK to take a few extra bites of your family’s favorite recipe, people with diabetes must be very careful to eat in moderation. For children, this can be challenging. We encourage parents to keep an eye on portion sizes for their children, encouraging them to instead leave room for leftovers the next day.  

Check your phone

You, too, can use technology to monitor your child’s glucose levels. Download an app on your phone to document and monitor your child’s glucose levels throughout the day. Make the appropriate adjustments, and be sure to encourage your child that they can enjoy delicious food any day of the year.  There’s no need to make food decisions that can negatively impact their health.

If this is your first Thanksgiving with a child who has diabetes, you’re not alone. Schedule an appointment with Clark Podiatry Center by calling 732-382-3470, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about diabetes management. Dr. Brandon A. Macy is a board-certified podiatrist. New Jersey’s Children’s Foot Health Institute is also part of the Clark Podiatry Center. Visit us at our Clark, New Jersey office.





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