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Are you ready for Superbowl Sunday? The Atlanta Falcons are going head to head with the New England Patriots! While both teams have had a great season, many players have had injury issues that affected their game play. For the Falcons, Alex Mack and Julio Jones are star players that are affected with ankle and toe injuries. For the Patriots, it’s Martellus Bennett (ankle, knee, and shoulder injuries) and Malcolm Mitchell (knee injury) that coaches and fans have an eye on. These injured players are all sitting out of practice this week, in hopes to be in better shape on game day.

Repeat Injuries

When football players have injuries early in the season, they are at higher risk of re-injury as they continue to play after recovery. Whether it be weakened muscles and tendons or injuries that have not been able to fully heal, the risk of repeat injury is high enough to bench players before major games. This is especially the case now, for Superbowl practices, where they could possibly make their injuries worse, or even fall victim to a new injury due to their previous injuries. 

Due to the nature of the sport, football players are always prone to suffering concussions, sprains, tears, dislocated body parts, and even fractures, even with protective measures. Turf toe, and toe and ankle sprains are all common injuries as they run, juke, and dive across the field. Constantly repeating these motions can leave them with strained muscles and tissues, weakening them and possibly ending in chronic issues or broken bones.  

For Julio Jones and Martellus Bennett, the injuries that are causing them to sit out were incurred earlier in the season and has kept coming back to bother them. Hopefully with rest and healing, they will be at their best for the big game. Afterward, they may need to treat their injuries more seriously with surgery.

Got questions about sports-related injuries? Make an appointment today with our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy at Clark Podiatry Center. He and his team are ready to help at the Clark, NJ office. Whatever team you’re rooting for, we hope you and your family have a fun and safe Superbowl!



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