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Are orthotics only for adults? Of course not. Children can benefit from these medical devices, too. At Clark Podiatry Center, we understand foot pain and walking challenges can impact everyone, including our youngest patients. Dr. Brandon A. Macy regularly provides parents with suggestions for pediatric foot concerns. Custom children’s orthotics are among those solutions.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

Will my child’s foot pain eventually go away?

We have all heard the term “growing pains.” Unfortunately, this term is a myth when it comes to pain that accompanies development. Here’s a fact: Pain isn’t normal. There are also visible signs parents should not ignore, from in-toeing to limping.

Can I delay treatment a bit longer?

Parents should not dismiss children’s foot pain or discomfort. The solution could be as simple as a bigger shoe size. Discomfort may also be a sign of something that requires a visit to the podiatrist. By delaying treatment, you are putting your child’s future foot health at risk. For example, foot deformities such as flat feet may result in additional deformities or even arthritis.

Why should I choose custom orthotics?

Your little one’s feet are changing every day, and this means a one-size-fits-all approach won’t be the solution for improving their gait or the discomfort they may feel. The benefit of prescription orthotics is they are customized to fit your child’s feet. The podiatrist has taken detailed measurements and assessed the best way to provide correction and relief.  

Remember, there are various stages of your child’s development. Make sure they have the proper support every step of the way. At Clark Podiatry Center, Dr. Brandon A. Macy, a board-certified podiatrist, treats various conditions such as heel pain, diabetic wounds, bunions, nerve pain, and more. The New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute is also part of Clark Podiatry Center. We provide exceptional service for patients in Union County. Contact our office at (732) 382-3470 or schedule an appointment online. Our office is at 1114 Raritan Road, Clark, NJ 07066.

Down syndrome also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate intellectual disability. Symptoims which can affect foot function and, therefore, the lives of those affected is hypotonia (low muscle tone) and ligamentous laxity.

How this manifests in the feet is a typical broad, low-arched foot. The ligamentous laxity allows the feet to pronate (flatten) to excess. Combining this with low muscle tone, there is a loss of biomechanical efficiency during normal walking, resulting in easy fatigue, deformities and quite often pain.

How to combat this?  A quality orthotic device (not the types which can be found in drug stores, shoe stores, sporting goods stores and other commercial establishments) will serve to provide balance and stability to the foot and leg structure. Better support and ‘leverage’ from orthotics improves function dramatically, reducing fatigue and pain.

The takeaway point is that there is a fairly simple solution to an unfortunate problem.  A proper orthotic device for Down Syndrome children (and adults too!) can improve the quality of their life in a big way!

For more information or an appointment, contact us at 732-382-3470 or visit our website at www.clarkpodiatry.com

At Clark Podiatry Center, we want to keep you walking!

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By Brandon Macy, D.P.M.
September 03, 2013
Category: Orthotics

Patients come in all the time asking about or carrying in some form of orthotics that they received from another office, bought in a drug store, supermarket, sporting goods store, shoe store or even a Dr. Scholl’s display—and sometimes from a television infomercial.  What they all have in common is foot pain that hasn’t been resolved and they wonder why their orthotics haven’t fixed their problem as advertised.

While orthotics are not the answer to every foot problem, more commonly what has gone wrong is in the construction of the orthotic.  Let me show you what I mean:

The goal of most orthotics is to do one of two things:

1.    In an unstable foot—one that flattens out or pronates too much—we’re trying to stabilize/support or control the foot so that you can walk or run more efficiently. This results in less fatigue, less stress and strain on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

2.    In a more rigid foot, we’re trying to increase the surface area of contact, distribute weight over a larger area and thereby improve shock absorption.

Most inexpensive OTC orthotics look good in the package but are ridiculously flimsy in their construction.  Being way too flexible, they can’t support much of anything and the cushioning they have is too cheap to improve shock absorption to any significant degree.

For milder problems, light sports participation and as a short-term answer to many problems, we use the medical version of Powerstep orthotics which have excellent cushioning and a firm, supportive plastic shell which does a good job of providing both stability and cushioning.  There are even versions which can fit better in women’s casual shoes and dress shoes. We also have a children's version for kids in need of extra support.

As a long term answer to many foot problems often we’ll recommend custom orthotics.  How are these different?  For starters, they are made for your particular feet, important for the very common situation where one foot flattens out more than the other.  Your particular needs regarding your foot conditions, activities and structural abnormalities can often best be addressed by customization instead of an off the shelf  product.  There are many different materials, styles and modifications to orthotics that are used based on your specific needs.

At Clark Podiatry, we make custom orthotics from 3-dimensional digital images of your feet, the most accurate method available.  Foam impressions often don’t capture the foot in the proper position; plaster impressions are very good but can be inconsistent depending on who is taking the casts.  Digital images are very accurate and the presciption that is based on our examination, x-rays and video gait analysis is transmitted to the lab in minutes after scanning, allowing for a faster turnaround time, meaning that they’re available for you to use and get relief from your foot pain so much faster.

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