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We got the World Cup!  How inspiring this is for our little girls and boys.  With the spirit of competition and an active lifestyle, more parents encourage organized sports to their children.  We see younger kids on the fields more than ever.  This is great, however, parents must be aware of this fact: children are more likely to experience broken bones than adults.

Injuries resulting in a sprain to an adult are more likely to be a broken foot or ankle to a child as their ligaments and tendons are relatively stronger than their bones.   Though a child's forefoot is flexible and resilient to injuries, having a fractured bone in the foot or in one of their toes can be very painful.

The repetitive forces that children’s feet endure during practice might result in one of the foot fractures called a stress fracture.  These tiny cracks in the surface of the bones, if left untreated, may eventually lead to bone fractures.  

Other causes of a broken foot are having something hard or heavy dropped on the foot causing the bone to crush, excessive kicking on a hard object or surface resulting in a broken toe, landing on the feet from falling and breaking a heel, and abrupt movement that might twist an ankle.  If there is no shift in bone alignment, it is considered a stable or non-displaced fracture.  If the bone ends do not line up, then it is considered to be a displaced fracture. A closed fracture is when the bones do not show through the skin, otherwise, it is called an open fracture.

Seeing a child in so much pain can be nerve-wracking to a parent.  Examine the injured foot to check for broken bones by removing the shoes and socks from both feet and then compare them to see how much swelling and bruising are evident in the injured foot.  Look for any open wounds or cuts that might expose a broken bone and seek immediate medical advice when this happens. 

Servicing Union County and the Westfield area, our Digital x-ray on facility at Clark Podiatry Center located in Clark, NJ can help accurately diagnose a broken bone. Make an online appointment or call 732-382-3470 to consult with our foot specialist.  Brandon Macy, DPM will evaluate and treat the injury as well as assess for long lasting, growth-related damage of the fracture and the possibility of early degenerative joint changes as a child’s foot has basic differences to that of an adult.

There are 26 bones in our feet, around a quarter of all the bones in our body.   Your budding athlete needs all of them to be healthy and strong!

By Brandon Macy, D.P.M.
December 03, 2014
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Broken toe   fracture   digital x-ray  


It seems that just about everyone has had occasion to jam their foot into a piece of furniture or a door when barefoot.  So often happening in the middle of the night, they’re often referred to as “bedpost fractures”.   After getting over the sudden, intense pain when you see stars and have gotten past the urge to utter some bad words, what comes next? 

Immediately, the best thing to do is to apply ice to the area for 10 minutes or so.  There’s no way of knowing for a fact whether it is indeed broken at this point, although swelling and turning black-and-blue is typically a pretty good indicator. 

There’s a common misconception out there that “there’s nothing you can do for a broken toe”, but this isn’t really true.  

First, to determine whether it is broken, an x-ray needs to be obtained.  At Clark Podiatry Center, we have a digital x-ray which can provide clear results within a matter of seconds.  The importance of the x-rays isn’t just to see if the toe is broken, but also to see if the alignment of the bones is good in a broken toe.  

If the fracture is in good alignment, then “buddy taping” two toes together with a cotton ball in between is typically done and utilized for 4-6 weeks. This reduces swelling and immobilizes the fracture much like a cast would and that will make things far more comfortable when walking.

If there is poor alignment of the fracture, then it will not heal properly or healing could be delayed, in which case the fracture will need to be “set” under local anesthesia to improve the alignment.  Digital x-rays help here too to make sure the alignment of the fracture site has been improved.

The moral of the story is to be careful.  Being barefoot at home can be a dangerous proposition.  But if your foot does have an internal GPS that finds furniture, we’re here to help.  Call us at 732-382-3470 for an urgent appointment or request one on our website, www.clarpodiatry.com. We’ll fit you into our schedule ASAP to take care of your broken toe.

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