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A common concern that parents have when they come in to see us at The New Jersey Children's Foot Heath Institute, is Pigeon Toeing or Intoeing. This means that when they walk or run, the one or both feet point inward, toward the other, rather than straight ahead. 

However, you don’t need to be alarmed just yet! When children first begin to walk, their muscles and bones are not yet fully developed, so it can be normal for toddlers to have a pigeon-toe gait and appear bow-legged. However, if the problem is severe, or if it doesn’t correct itself after the age of 2, some intervention may be necessary. 

What causes it?

Intoeing can develop during pregnancy, as a birth defect, or due to hereditary factors (children who have a parent that had a pigeon-toed gait are more likely to have this problem). There’s not much that can be done to prevent it, but treating non-correcting intoeing earlier can make for better results. The main causes include: 

  • metatarsus adductus (foot deformity where it turns inward), 
  • tibial torsion (shin bone turns inward), or 
  • femoral anteversion (inwardly rotated upper leg bone). 

When to see a Podiatrist

Most cases of pigeon toeing can resolve on their own when the children are about 8 or 9, especially metatarsus adductus and femoral anteversion. Because there is no easy way to tell if a child will grow out of it, consulting our podiatrist is a good idea. Additionally, if your child seems to fall or trip often, orthotics may be necessary to help stabilize him or her in her everyday walking. For severe cases, surgery may be required to correctly align the position of the bones.

If your child complains about pain in the feet, ankles, knees, or hips, or has problems walking, come see us. For the best treatment options, come see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy. Make an appointment today at The New Jersey Children's Foot Heath Institute at Clark Podiatry Center to have your child’s intoe-ing assessed and treated with care. We are located in Clark, NJ and serve patients in all the surrounding Union County towns! We keep you walking!



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