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“The Pediatrician said my child would grow out of it…but something still doesn’t look right”. 


Have you noticed that your child’s feet turn in when they walk (intoe gait) or do they walk on their toes, have flat feet or does he or she seem to trip a lot?  Countless parents have noticed such issues and brought it to the attention of their pediatrician, only to be told that the child will grow out of it. Only after months and sometimes years, things don’t look any different.  The good and trusted pediatrician has said one thing, but the parental instincts say another.


The fact is that many of these issues do NOT change over time.  They set in, persisting as they grow through the school years and into adulthood.  You know they do--you've had your own foot problems and they may have started when you were a child!  


How is a parent to know what to do?  That’s what we’re here for at the New Jersey Children's Foot Health Institute.  One idea is to look at the feet of older siblings, parents and even grandparents.  Do they look familiar?  That may be a strong hint as to what’s in store. The picture above shows a mom with two of her children.  Notice the resemblance there?  If you have foot deformities or other problems, you have a 50% chance of passing it on to your child.


Better yet, bring your child, siblings and both parents, if possible, into our office for an in depth evaluation.  We’ll determine whether it is a stage of normal or if there’s something to be done where we can protect your child’s feet as they grow.  Often it is a simple matter, as many problems are related to improper mechanics which can be addressed with inexpensive Little Steps orthotics.  


Maybe the pediatrician is right and they will grow out of it.  Maybe not.  But bring them in and we'll do our best to determine which is more likely to happen.


We participate with most insurance plans, but if you want an even better deal, we’re hosting a day of FREE screening exams for children up to the age of 17 on Saturday July 30 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. The event will be held at our office at 1114 Raritan Rd. in Clark.  We’ll be happy to examine all of your children and review their situations and make treatment recommendations. 


We’ll accept walk-ins on the day of the screenings, but to make things easier on your busy schedule, we recommend you call the office at 732-382-3470 to reserve a time in the schedule.


Either way we look forward to meeting you and your children soon!

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