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By Clark Podiatry Center
April 11, 2018
Category: Shoes

They will say, “beauty is pain” or “fashion over function” and even “all the other girls have them,” but keep resisting. While for some of you, buying your daughter her first pair of high heels is something to look forward to, take a step back and consider why you might want to wait.

These days, girls seem to begin to wear high heels around middle school. And while they probably won’t be wearing them every day or for long periods of time, girls can experience strain on their growing bodies because high heels put their bodies out of alignment. This means that not only are the feet and ankles at risk of pain and injury, so are the knees, hips, back, and spine. Since girls keep growing until their early 20s, it’s important that they are allowed to develop properly to prevent problems later on.

However, if they insist on their first pair, and you can’t seem to resist buying it for them (or they bought it without your knowledge), here are a few tips to share with your daughter to reduce the risk of injury and foot strain:

  • Purchase high heels that have more support. Make sure they fit well, have some cushion, and maybe even some arch and heel support.
  • If your shoes are tight and squish your toes, take every opportunity to take your feet out and stretch them. This can prevent problems like hammertoes and bunions.
  • Wear them for short periods of time, such as special occasions or a school dance. The longer you wear them, the more you are at risk of having back problems.
  • Strengthen the feet and ankles. Chances are your daughter has not been working out her feet or ankles, so they will be more prone to straining the feet (plantar fasciitis) and ankles, as well as to getting injured.

Remember, they will have plenty of opportunities to wear high heels when they become older and join the workforce. At that time, they may have to wear high heels even if they don’t want to. So why start them so early with high heels?

If you or your daughter suffers an injury or pain from wearing high heels, come see us at our office. Make an appointment to see our board-certified podiatrist, Brandon Macy, DPM at Clark Podiatry Center. He can assess your feet and then offer the best treatment options to get you back to pounding the pavement. Come see him at our Clark, NJ office, which serves the surrounding Union County areas.


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