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5 Reasons Seniors Should Visit a Podiatrist.

Proper foot health is often overlooked but an extremely important issue for senior citizens. It is vitally important to maintain an active lifestyle. Seniors need to visit a podiatrist for a proper assessment and, if necessary, treatment of and foot or ankle problems to ensure good foot health.  Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Nail care.  Many seniors suffer from ingrown nails due to pressures on the nails or improper cutting.  This can often result in various kinds of infections which require professional care. There are also thick, painful and ugly fungal nail conditions.  If physically unable to perform regular nail care, podiatrists are positioned to do so safely.

  2. Specialized care for diabetics, people with poor circulation and those on anticoagulants.  Even for simple trimming of nails and corns/calluses, this population is at-risk for complications of self-care. Podiatrists are also able to prescribe appropriate foot care measures to treat and hopefully prevent serious problems.

  3. Fall risk assessments and footwear advice are vital to maintain mobility and a healthy, active lifestyle.  This is a particular need for diabetics or anybody with peripheral neuropathies or gait abnormalities due to strokes, joint replacement surgery or other problems.

  4. Skin conditions/dermatological exams. Many seniors have little lumps, bumps and rashes in their skin, particularly in the sun-exposed areas. There are the more common athlete’s foot and psoriasis conditions, the surprising fact is that it is not at all uncommon for skin cancers to manifest on the feet and lower legs. These skin conditions need to be identified, often by biopsy, so they can be dealt with properly and promptly.

  5. Injuries and other painful conditions.  Pain in the feet of seniors is not always age-related “arthritis”.  Pain is never normal.  There are injuries and other conditions which need to be evaluated and treated properly and promptly so as not to become something potentially far worse and debilitating.

The takeaway point is that seniors should not take their feet for granted.  There are many options for proper evaluation, treatment and advice on maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

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