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By Clark Podiatry Center
September 17, 2015
Tags: club foot  

Clubfoot also known as talipes equinovarus is a foot and ankle condition often seen in infants.

It means that the infant’s feet are positioned incorrectly or in an unusual manner such as the feet pointing downward or both feet facing each other. Clubfoot can be present in one or both feet. Although it is a rare condition, it doesn’t cause infants any harm and if treated immediately will ensure that the infant can lead a healthy and normal life. Treatment for clubfoot normally begins a few weeks after birth.


Although the exact causes of clubfoot are unknown, it is usually caused by a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. A child has higher chances of being worn with clubfoot if:

1. Their mother smoked during pregnancy

2. Someone in their family has or had clubfoot

3. They are males

4. Their parent has a history of spinal cord injury


Although taking care of a child who has clubfoot can be challenging, there are many options for parents to minimize their child’s discomfort and take steps to treat the condition very early on. After a thorough examination, a board certified podiatrist will create a customized treatment plan that is right for the infant.

Most podiatrists will start with the least invasive procedure such as casting. In casting, the foot is gently stretched and wrapped with a cast. It can take multiple sessions of stretching and casting to achieve results. However, surgery can many times be completely avoided with successful casting.

If a patient does not respond to casting, surgery would be the next course of treatment. Surgery is done under local anesthesia and patients do not experience any pain. Patients who need surgery should expect to stay in the hospital for up to 3 days for post-surgery recovery. Casting, braces and physical therapy sessions are all a part of the recovery protocol to make sure patients heal well after surgery.

Next Steps

If you know a child with clubfoot or if you are an adult suffering from clubfoot and struggling with everyday activities and leading an active life, visit a board certified podiatrist today.

Board certified Dr. Brandon A. Macy, of Clark Podiatry has been treating children’s foot and ankle problems since 1981. He is an expert at treating clubfoot and other common foot deformities. Stop by at our state of the art office in Clark, New Jersey. Request an online appointment here or call us at 732-382-3470.

Dr. Macy and his energetic staff will guide you and treat you with care and dedication. Don’t let your feet stop you from going where you want! 


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