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By cl7219
December 12, 2010
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Uggs™! They're popular, they're attractive, at this time of year they're also quite warm and cozy. The main problem with them that I've encountered is that they don't provide a whole lot in the way of support.


I was asked to do a 'consultation' via text message a few weeks ago by my daughter at the University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!). It seems that one of her friends there was having some pain on the top of her foot and under her arch, with no history of any injuries. My question to the friend was to ask what types of shoes she wears when walking all over campus. The answer came back that she wore her Uggs everywhere and all the time!


That wasn't the first time I've encountered somebody with that problem with Uggs, but it is also common with most any shoe that offers so little in the way of arch support. Yes, that includes those omnipresent flip-flops, but since those are supposedly more for warm weather wear, I'll pass on dumping on them for now.


Midfoot pain, arch pain, heel pain. Wearing Uggs or other shoes with so little support is an open invitation to these problems. I'm not knocking the shoes or suggesting that they shouldn't be worn, but if you're going to wear them frequently or for long periods in a given day, I recommend adding extra support in the shoe. Without any major problems being present, a prefabricated orthotic device such as Powersteps™ available in our office or our on line store would make a huge improvement in your comfort. There are a few varieties of the orthotics available to suit your needs. The on line store can be accessed from the Clark Podiatry Center Home Page).


Inexpensive inserts, cushions and gel pads from pharmacies and supermarket aisles may feel OK when you first put them on, but they offer very little support and are generally not worth what you paid. If you'd like an evaluation of something you've purchased, feel free to ask me about them or bring them into the office to evaluate them out before they are worn.


Its all about being comfortable while you're being stylish, right?




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