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By Clark Podiatry Center
October 02, 2015
Category: Foot Health Tips
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Let’s face it. Our feet are on the lowest part of our bodies and we often forget about them. Feet are one of the most neglected body parts and we really underestimate the importance of having clean and healthy feet. This is especially true in children and men who are not accustomed to wearing open-toed pumps, strappy heels, sandals or feet baring flip flops. Women’s feet definitely take a big beating especially if you live in the Northeast where most people commute through public transportation, biking or walking.

There are simple ways you can keep your feet healthy and beautiful and we can all follow these guidelines without needing fancy pedicures.

Home Pedicures

Foot fungus and other conditions can be easily prevented by keeping your feet clean and by wearing proper fitting shoes that are breathable and airy. Avoid wearing sweaty or damp shoes without drying them first. Improper foot hygiene and habits will eventually lead to discolored nails, bacterial infections, painful warts, corns, calluses, and in worse cases, toenail fungus.

  1. Soak your feet in warm water. Throw in some lemon, salt or baking soda for an antibacterial effect and some brightening. You can also add essential oils such as eucalyptus or tea tree oil for disinfecting and cleansing.
  2. Clip your toenails. Avoid cutting too close to the cuticle.
  3. File your nails and remove cuticles with a cuticle remover.
  4. Use a bristle brush, a loofah or a pumice stone to scrub your heels and sides of the feet.
  5. Wipe your feet dry and apply a thick moisturizing lotion such as Vaseline, Eucerin or Shea Butter.
  6. Repeat these steps after a tough day and at least once a month.


Food to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Eating a well-balanced and healthy diet, rich with fruits and vegetables can also go a long way in preventing foot problems. You can also supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals for maximum immune support.

  1. Eggs, Shellfish, Liver, Beef (Rich in Vitamin B12)
  2. Vegetables and Fruits that are Red, Orange and Green (Rich in Vitamin C)
  3. Oysters, Tofu, Green beans, Soybeans, Cheese (Rich in Zinc)
  4. Mushrooms, Peanut butter or alternative, Whole grains (Rich in Biotin)
  5. Yogurt (Rich in Probiotics)
  6. Herbal teas and Water (For hydration)

Home remedies, good hygiene and a healthy diet will help relieve foot pain and discomfort from general wear and tear but, if you are experiencing unexplainable foot pain, burning or itchy feet, a pins and needles feeling in your feet and legs, see a board certified podiatrist immediately.

Consult with Dr. Brandon Macy at Clark Podiatry to get an accurate diagnosis to your foot and ankle problems and say goodbye to pain today. Dr. Brandon Macy, who is a board certified podiatrist, will treat you with his caring touch and expertise in pediatric and adult podiatry.

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