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By Clark Podiatry
August 03, 2016
Category: Foot Pain
Tags: blisters   warts   Athlete's Foot  

For growing children and teenagers, an often-overlooked issue is foot pain. However, what you may not realize is that foot health is very important to overall growth and development. Foot and ankle issues that are left untreated during teenage years can cause other issues down the line. 


So you might be concerned that as many as 60% of teenagers live with some kind of foot or ankle pain. Most issues are caused by sports injuries, uncomfortable or ill-fitting footwear, and ignoring early signs of foot or ankle issues. Most teens are simply unaware of proper foot health and care practices. 


If your teenager or pre-teen has foot or ankle issues, come see us at Clark Podiatry Center sooner than later to prevent further problems as they continue to grow. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy, will not only address any foot health issues, he will also provide foot health education for your family. 


Some tips that Dr. Macy may share with you:


Take Care of Your Feet

  • Teen feet come into contact with all kinds of surfaces. Feet should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, especially in between the toes and around toenails. Then they should be dried to prevent fungal growth.
  • Treat warts, athlete’s foot, cuts and blisters, as well as ingrown toenails ASAP and through full treatment length. 
  • If there is any pain in the feet or ankles, don’t “walk it off”. Instead, pay attention to it and visit Dr. Macy if the problem persists or worsens. 


Choose Appropriate Footwear

  • Make sure the fit is right. Get measured each time you purchase shoes since foot size can continue to change. 
  • The shoes should match the activity – basketball shoes will give different support from running sneakers. 
  • Arch and heel supports are very important in the shoes you choose. If your shoes are falling apart, they are not supporting your feet – it’s time to replace them!
  • Make sure they are comfortable – fashion over function is not a good for foot health as it can cause pain, blisters, and can even disfigure feet as they grow. 


For more information and to treat your teens’ foot and ankle issues, make an appointment at our Clark, NJ office. Dr. Macy uses the latest technology and especially focuses on children’s foot health to best treat your family’s needs. 



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