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Summer Footwear for your Child: Limit Wearing Flip Flops

With warm weather catching up to us in New Jersey, it's time to outfit the kids in their new spring sandals. The ever-present flip flops may seem like economical and fun footwear for this time of year, but it's best to steer clear for your child's foot health.

We hope this doesn't end up in a kid vs. parent battle! Flip flops are convenient and a good idea for poolside and the beach, but all too often children wear them all day long. This puts them at risk of injury and also foot problems due to poor support.

Shoes Should Protect Little Feet

Flip flops offer little to no protection for your child's feet. Instead, their toes are vulnerable to scrapes, bruises, falling objects, sunburn and injury from being stepped on. Here at Clark Podiatry Center, we often see children with foot injuries from wearing flip flops.

The right sandals can offer good protection - for toddlers, look for those that cover the toes fully. A closed-toe sandal is cooler for summer weather and will still protect tiny toes too.

Look for Sandals with Ample Support

Flip flops are made of thin plastic with little support. Older children who are more coordinated may not need closed toes, but they all need good, sturdy support. Choose leather sandals with firm soles and straps that secure snugly both across the foot and around the back of the heel.

Wearing flip flops or other flimsy sandals can cause foot pain, tendonitis or heel pain - plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.

Flip Flops May Alter your Child's Gait

If you wear flip flops or backless sandals occasionally, you know that you must grip the sandals with your toes with every step. This gripping action actually results in taking shorter steps which can strain the muscles in the back and legs.

Tripping Injuries

On top of little protection and support, backless sandals like flip flops also place your child in danger of falling and tripping. When a child runs, jumps and plays, it's too easy for the flimsy sandal to slip off, resulting in injuries including a sprained ankle or cut from a sharp or rocky surface.

The bottom line? Outfit your child in both sturdy and fun sandals but make sure that flip flops are worn seldom and for short duration to keep your child's feet healthy and happy.

We Can Help with Pediatric Foot and Ankle Issues

Your children's feet are their foundation for many years of healthy activity. If you notice any problem with foot or ankle pain or a gait irregularity, please contact Dr. Brandon Macy, board certified podiatrist. You can reach us at our Clark, NJ office for an appointment at 732-382-3470 or use the contact information at the website. Start your children out right by starting at the bottom!


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