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By Brandon Macy, D.P.M.
April 19, 2015
Tags: Flat Feet   Orthotics   toe walking  

Yesterday we held our first Spring Foot Screening Clinic for children at the office.  It was a beautiful spring day outside, so there were plenty alternatives to coming in to have feet checked, but we still had a number of families attend.  Of course, my adorable little granddaughter Maggie was first in line with her parents and she checked out beautifully (of course!) 


Of interest to note is just how many children’s feet resemble so closely those of their parents.  Foot structure, like so many other features, is hereditary.  Even if your children aren’t complaining about much pain, if you want to know what’s in store for your child’s feet, look at the feet of other family members, particularly older siblings, parents and grandparents.  The match might not be exact, but you’ll get a huge clue.

  Mother and daughter look-alikes!

Our favorite story from the day was about a little 3 year old boy whose problem was a habit of walking on his toes. His toe walking was so severe that he wore holes in the tip of his shoes.  At first, he didn’t even want to be examined and let us know in no uncertain terms.  He finally relented with a promise that nothing would be done which would hurt.

It turns out that we felt that the reason he is a toe walker is because his feet flatten out so severely, he walks on his toes to obtain enough leverage to propel himself forward.  The muscles in his feet and legs are significantly weak as a result. 

We fit him with a pair of Little Steps orthotics, a prefabricated orthotic designed specifically for children. With no exaggeration, our little man was walking normally before he crossed the room.  Here and there, he resorted to his habit of toe walking for a few steps but for the most part, he was walking with the entire sole of his foot on the ground.

After not wanting to be examined, he didn’t want to leave the office.  To top it off, after walking out the door, his mom popped her head back in to tell us he had said “I’m so happy you fixed my feet!”

A good day as had by all and we’ll do this again in the not too distant future.  Moose said he'd come back too to doo his version of "consultations".



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