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By Clark Podiatry Center
May 17, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: heel pain   blisters   corns   calluses   Bunions   arch pain  

No, we don’t mean it like your shoes are not your soulmates, but maybe they are not your “sole-mates”! We always stress the importance of buying shoes that are comfortable and supportive, and that’s really to help you prevent pain and problems in your feet and ankles. So if your feet are complaining to you or feel out of whack, it may be a sign that you are wearing shoes that are wrong for your feet.

Look for the following signs that you may need different shoes:

  • Blisters, Corns, Calluses – If you experience blisters, corns, or calluses on your feet, it means that you’ve got friction on your skin from your shoes. The shoe structure may be too tight or laces may be pulled too tightly. If you have a blister on the back of your shoes, you’ll need to put a pad on the back or wear shoes that do not irritate the skin. Other areas of the foot that experience continuous friction may develop corns or calluses, where the skin thickens to protect itself.
  • Toenail Bruising or Tight/Cramping Toes – If you have painful toes, toenails, or cramps in the toes, the toebox of your shoes may be too small or tight. Often called Jogger’s Toe, the nail can turn a dark color if there is repeated or continuous impact on the toes. Additionally, a small toebox can cause your toes to have to cramp up in the tight space.
  • Arch or Heel Pain – If you are experiencing arch or heel pain, it can be due to a lack of support or cushioning in the shoes. Shoes that have worn down inner soles can have reduced cushioning, causing more impact on the feet. The strain put on the feet can cause heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. 
  • Unevenly worn down outer soles – Check the bottom of the shoes to see if your shoes are worn down a certain way. If you tend to intoe or outtoe, the outer soles will be worn down unevenly. Not only do certain unsupportive shoes make the problem worse, if you keep wearing these shoes, you can experience pain.
  • Bunions or other growths/deformities – When shoes are not supportive or constantly put your feet in an uncomfortable position, your feet can become disfigured. This can happen, especially with women’s shoes, where the front can be pointy-tipped and high heels can put too much strain on the balls of the feet.

If one pair of shoes tends to make your feet hurt more than others, check the structure and comfort levels of the shoes. Even if they are really fashionable, they may be wrong for you and you’ll need to break up with them. Donate them to someone else that might fit into them well.

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