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By Clark Podiatry Center
July 13, 2016
Tags: Flat Feet  

Are you worried that your child might have a flatfoot issue? Children are usually born with little or no arch, but when they begin to walk, the tissues along the sole tighten and for the arch. When the arch does not tighten, the child may have flatfoot. Depending on the age, development of the feet, and type of flatfoot, he or she may have no painful symptoms and may eventually outgrow it.

There are two kinds of pediatric flatfoot – flexible and rigid. Flexible pediatric flatfoot will seem flat when standing, but when sitting or standing on tiptoe, the arch will appear. Rigid flatfoot is when the arch does not reappear when the child sits or stands on tiptoe.

Children may experience pain or discomfort while walking, cramping on the bottom of the feet, or foot deformity that tilts the heel outward. Children or teens may experience more pain or issues with rigid flatfoot.

Ask your pediatric podiatrist

Uncertain or worried about your child’s flat feet? It is best to have your child’s feet looked at sooner rather than later so that issues can be corrected before worsening. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy, who also specializes in pediatric podiatry, will give your child’s feet the care they deserve.

If your child does not experience pain with flat feet, he or she may grow out of it. However, if there is pain, Dr. Macy may recommend orthotic inserts or orthotic devices to help with arch support and pain relief. In rare cases, flatfoot conditions may need corrective surgery depending on the extent of flatfoot and deformity.

Make an appointment at our Clark, NJ office. Dr. Macy’s team at Clark Podiatry Center will do their best to use the latest technologies to help your family care for its feet!

Announcement: Exciting news! On Saturday, July 30th, 2016, we will be holding a grand opening of our new pediatric podiatry center, The New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute. Bring your children by for free foot screenings!


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