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What do a 70-year old woman with diabetes and an 8-year old boy with an intoeing deformity have in common? They both are improving their foot health by wearing custom-fitted orthotic devices.

Orthotics are inserts that fit into shoes to correct an abnormal walking pattern or redistribute pressure to alleviate a foot problem. Some shoe inserts are available over-the-counter - these may help somewhat in mild cases but they are not custom-fitted to the patient's specific foot structure or needs.

Custom-fitted orthotics can be very powerful tools in allowing people to stand and move more efficiently as well as helping to heal certain foot conditions. And orthotics are not just for adults! Here are a few examples of foot problems where custom-fitted orthotics can help:

Calluses, blisters and ulcers: These skin conditions often result from excessive pressure on certain spots on the foot and can be especially problematic for patients with diabetes. Soft, flexible orthotics help protect the skin in these situations by moving stress away from pressure points.

Aches, pains and strains in lower leg and back: Rigid orthotics can control foot function and motion in foot joints to relieve the pain of shin splints, tendonitis and other injuries.

Flat foot: Orthotics can help stabilize the foot and improve foot function in adults and children over age 8 with flat feet. Wearing orthotics will help limit both pain and the damage from arthritis.

Heel pain: The discomfort of plantar fasciitis can be relieved with orthotics to redistribute pressure more evenly and allow healing.

Balance for walking and sports activities: Orthotics that are semi-rigid are more flexible than those that are rigid to accommodate excess forces during sports. Athletes often use these to relieve the pain of a heavy workout.

Children's Foot Issues Benefit from Custom-Fitted Orthotics Too

Although most of us think of orthotics in terms of adult foot problems, children can benefit from custom-fitted orthotics as well.

Children's heel pain is often Sever's disease, where in a growth spurt the tendons and muscles supporting the heel bone are overstretched. Wearing orthotics as part of the treatment to rest and heal the area can reduce stress on the heel.

Intoeing, a condition usually present from birth where the child's toes point inward toward each other, often disappears as the child matures. Custom-fitted orthotics may be needed to help realign the feet and to prevent further problems as an adult.

We Can Assess Your Foot Health To Determine if Orthotics Can Help

If you or your child has any foot or ankle pain, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Brandon Macy, board certified podiatrist at Clark Podiatry Center . We have the right expertise to diagnose and treat your foot problems. Please call us for an appointment in our Clark office at 732-382-3470 or use the contact information at the website. We can create custom-fitted orthotics of any size to fit our patients - both young and not-so-young!


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